Welcome to Rocky's - Backflow Testing & Sprinkler Blowouts, LLC
(Previously Rocky's Landscape & Sprinklers, LLC)

We are a multi-staffed company that can provide the service you need to meet your water district's requirements and protect your lawn's irrigation sprinkler system. We have you covered Spring & Fall! We have been in business in Kootenai county for nearly 20 years and have serviced thousands of homes in that time. We are well recognized and respected with many of the water districts and irrigation supply wholesalers in the north Idaho panhandle. We offer competent service at a fair price and in a timely manner. We encourage you to ask your neighbor or water district backflow coordinator what they think about Rocky's. We trust their response will help you make the decision to call and give us a try. We can provide the service needed for your backflow assembly testing or sprinkler system winterization.

  • Backflow Assembly Testing - Licensed & certified to perform all aspects of testing and repairing.
  • Sprinkler Blowouts - To protect your investment and we warranty our work.
  • Installations & Repairs - We have the capabilities and experience to install/expand new systems and keep your lawn's sprinkler system working throughout the season.

Located in Post Falls and serving most of the North Idaho Panhandle.


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Phone: 208.640.0284  -  Email: rocky@rls-cda.com